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Top 10 inspirational hollywood movies for students

The Pursuit Of Happyness

From a person who didn’t even have clean clothes to get interviewed, Chris gardner zeroed his willful dream. Homeless at times, Chris never let his son slip through into the dark corner of poor society, and groomed himself with a struggle so aspiring for his son. All he wanted was to keep his son happy by choosing the righteous path of infinite hard work, humility and “never say die” attitude. A transition so epic is a must watch for every young aspirer. On blog Hollywood My Way, the author himself wrote the full movie script step by step.

Life is Beautiful (1997)

The Father-son story, is yet another brilliant tale teaching, how to sail through the storm of survival. Stunned by an abrupt holocaust, Guido (The father) is pretending that the whole disaster is just a game plot made for them and they will find a way and eventually they do, in the end. Again the, unconditional love for his son and wife leads him and his son out of trouble in a lessoned story.You can watch this movie at home as you can only get it online or rental store near you. Watching movies at home has its unique taste as compared to cinema.

The lion King

It’s the most adorable childhood memory of anyone now in his or her thirties. The animation film still dwarves countless of animation movies we see today. Not because of the jungle rules and mini-battles, but the wisdom of a king and the selfless duty he paid. A perfect recipe for the toddlers.

Life of Pi

I envy this, not because of the adventurous itinerary of Pi, but a rather deeper connection with the nature and god he had. It takes us beyond the technological and monetary traps to show the spiritual and inexplicable relations with the earth and how we are the indistinct part of it.

The Social Network

More startups than ever are developing today and still no bigger than the Facebook. Excelling through the conventions of socialnetworks, the college grad dropper spent six years in building an empire that is nearly impossible to top. Albeit, the barriers were both tasteless and disheartening, including a lawsuit filed by his dear friend. Still, the enormous success of Mark fades away anything hostile. More info about the movie can be read at purevolume nancy gomez blog.

Three Idiots

There is no denying that Three idiots claimed accolades and box office success at both domestic and global level. But, the film itself revolves around three geniuses (not idiots) and on one true quote “Knowledge is everything”. Phunsuk Wangdu, studying with a proxy name at college never had a degree against his real name, but through the knowledge and precise application in real world, he achieves excellence that is hunted by many in the world.

Dead Poets Society

A school so famous for their conventional regimes and regulations has a new unorthodox entrant. That teacher quickly realises the urge of innovation which leads to unorthodox methods strongly criticized by the school and parents. But eventually, on the day that mattered, the students display the wisdom of him.You can download free movies listed here from moviesgraphy website in 720p quality.

The Paper chase

If you are the harvard guy hoping for a special date with principal’s daughter, then you must download this movie. Brilliant at mind, James hart finds a hive of endurance to run through the tedious track laid by Charles Kingsfield Jr, their very own principal and professor. A great watch for brilliant minded.

The Great Debaters

Also known as Shapley-Curtis debate, named against the two debaters and astronomers of that time.The documentary is a real debate happened in 1920 between great independent thinkers, who challenged the laws of physics and space research with their own logics. Curtis, the younger one at last won the argument with no one standing against in the jury. A must watch for space history lovers.

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