Wednesday, 6 July 2016

10 science fiction Movies that you probably have not seen

The science fiction genre is much bigger than just 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, Terminator and all contemporary blockbusters that barely do something new with the genre.

If you have all the classics well and truly digested and have enjoyed in the hand with a popcorn box of another superhero movie or dystopian young adult -klepper, it's time for something completely different. Although a feature film now and then surprisingly out of the corner could be (the work of  Christopher Nolan , Looper, Chronicle ), the real gems are often hidden between the indie offerings. This recent and small film has to be seen, whether it is for their brain-bending concepts or the unique atmosphere:

Attack the Block (2011)

John Boyega seems his role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens called the revelation of the moment, but film fans knew him all these freaky alien film from British soil. In south London ironing primitive aliens down and it's a gang of street youth to defend their apartment building. Director Joe Cornish also co-wrote The Adventures of Tintin and Ant-Man . With this small film debut already rightly labeled as a cult classic.

Coherence (2013)

Coherence is a film of which the concept is clearly better than the execution. Although the ideas and the image lining are underdeveloped, it is still an original film all the more surprised by the ultra low-budget approach. Come on the eve of a strange astronomical phenomena eight friends together to eat. A comet appears in the sky, the electricity fails and the friends find themselves in a series of bending reality experiences.You can download sci fi movies from our website without any registration and sign up with super fast speed and HD quality.

Predestination (2014)

The German  brothers Spierig  earn more reputation than they have now. The directing duo did with  Daybreakers  an inventive twist on the vampire genre, but turned out really to vendors lavish science fiction with  Predestination . In the story, based on a short story from 1959 called All You Zombies (nothing with the living dead has to do), prevents  Ethan Hawke  as time travel cop attacks before they are committed. Central to his hunt for the one criminal who always escapes him and the paradoxes of time travel.

Under the Skin (2013)

For many, Scarlett Johansson either a badass super heroine or a beauty of a woman to behold. In Under the Skin shows them perfectly cast, they also teeming with the acting talent as a seductive alien men hunt. Visually strange, sometimes very abstract and above all very frightening. Read after the film certainly the interview with the young guy with facial tumors , self-relativity and comic disbelief for his moments with Johansson.

Another Earth (2011)
Another Earth is a small and compelling film in which the element of science fiction is just an ever present zijnoot. The stunning Brit Marling , how weird that they do not show up in more films, wrote and plays a girl who made ​​an unforgivable mistake on the night of the appearance of a second Earth. Years later she seeks forgiveness, but is not as she had thought, while yet another option gets to escape the misery imposed on others and to herself.

Upstream Color (2013)

The director of Primer , constantly cited as a unique science fiction, let us wait ten years for his next film. The wait was rewarded with a special love movie which is demanded much attention from the viewer. The world of abstract Upstream Color is enchanting, like his characters. If you yield the time to get invested, the film offers you an experience that you will find almost anywhere else.

The Congress (2013)

As an actress at age begins  Robin Wright , best known for House of Cards , her last assignment ever. After a strong scene of Wright, supported by a wonderful tale of  Harvey Keitel , the film takes a bold leap. The story is of very personal to the actress herself, to a psychedelic satirical animation (involving the Belgian animation company Walking The Dog helped). Risky but successful, even though some ideas could be developed stronger.

The Frame (2014)

This film is a drama about half a crook and an ambulance. Suddenly, their lives become intertwined and begins to tend the story to something Charlie Kaufman , but without intellectual musings and lightness. The frame takes itself seriously and the style changes you sometimes sit on the edge of your seat. A compelling low-budget film, it does not happen often.

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

Life should not always be serious and that goes for movies. In this indie film from the director of Jurassic go some journalists set out to write an article about a guy looking for companions for his time travel project. Can the man on the brink of madness really make a time travel machine? The sci-fi adventure (or is it sci-fi?) Is populated by Aubrey Plaza, Jake Johnson and some very charming roles.

Europa Report (2013)

The genre of found footage films still scares off many, but sometimes there are true gems among like this. The movie has some similarities with a subdued Sunshine , already is there much less emotion in the characters of Europa Report . The best thing about space movies is that they voorschotelen us a vision of something that is no longer reserved for us the further discovery of the universe. And that makes this film a strange and at the same time frightening way.  Europa Report also shows why it is better to first send out robots out.

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