Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Sylvester Stallone promises Something Special In The Expendables 4

The old warriors of The-Expendables series really are not so easily go on forever. After more than two years since The Expendables 3 have passed the comparison at the box office to its predecessors despite a milder Rating disappointed and many fans had left unsatisfied, stalked me so slowly have doubts about whether there still a reunion with the band around Sylvester Stallones Barney Ross. Although it has been already reported in October 2015 that China would pay for a large part of the financing of the third sequel, but since then nothing happened at the front. Since Stallone also for Creed - Rocky's Legacy many accolades and a Golden Globe reaped and seceded from a return appearance as John Rambo, it seemed as if the former action giant would focus on more demanding roles in smaller films.

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The Expendables 4

In December came a little more movement in the matter, as the Cologne rental Splendid Film, who has published the first three films in Germany, announced that he exploitation rights for The Expendables 4 have saved in German-speaking Europe. The year 2018 was indicated as the "Kinostart" in the press release. This sounds good for the fans of the series, but has a catch - just because Splendid has the right to give, does not guarantee that the film is also taken. Recall still working, came out as by Splendids press release that Stallone at a 5. Rambo worked film, to the rental service are also guaranteed. Nevertheless, nothing came of it.

Unlike the third would be very good in any case, because while the first two were very entertaining in their different ways (the first bit of serious and action-oriented, the second humorous), was The Expendables 3 is a real non-starter, from the purely Antonio Banderas 'Wild performance as a new member of the troop.

A change can probably expect the fans: again a higher age release. Stallone saw the error of the PG-13 rating fairly quickly and promised an R rating for part 4. Perhaps this time with less CGI blood ...

The filming of The Expendables 4 are scheduled to start later this year. In past told wrestling legend Hulk Hogan , he would in the film embody the villain (probably nonsense) and Pierce Brosnan pointed his involvement in the movie (the already rather). Who would you like to see in the film? And would you still like to see the movie at all?

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