Friday, 9 June 2017

Rarest Phobias of Famous Hollywood Actors

Raccoons, mirrors, antique furniture or porcelain dolls, I know the strangest fears of celebrities.

Nicole Kidman

More than her own wrinkles, Nicole fears the butterflies. Her lepidopterophobia has suffered since she was a girl, when she lived in Australia. "I jump from planes, they could cover me whole with cockroaches, I do all kinds of things, but I hate the feeling of the bodies of the butterflies," she confessed.

Matthew McConaughey

The actor suffers from claustrophobia and is particularly fearful of revolving doors: he is terrified to be stuck, as are the tunnels. In addition, it has rejected certain chemicals so Matthew McConaughey revealed that for 20 years it has not used deodorants.

Cameron Diaz

Door handles. The actress fears the contagion of supposed germs in a place so exposed that anyone touches it with their hands.

Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise's ex-wife does not support the presence of raccoons. The actress reported an unpleasant encounter with one of these animals when she moved to New York and admitted that she was point to run, despite being in her own garden.

Johnny Depp

Depp suffers from coulophobia, that is, fear of clowns. "There is something in the painted face and the false smile. It has always seemed to me that there is a darkness lurking beneath the surface, a potential of real evil," he confessed.

Pamela Anderson

The blonde with exuberant curves suffers from isisotrophobia, that is, fear of mirrors. "I can not see myself on TV. If I show up, I have to turn off the TV or leave the room," he said.

Channing Tatum

Although he rose to fame playing a striper, one of Tatum's biggest fears is singing in front of the audience. This added to her hatred of porcelain dolls and her haunting eyes, as she acknowledged in a recent interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Christina Ricci

The actress's problem has to do with plants, especially with pots and shrubs. "They're dirty! If I have to play one I go crazy." "Honestly, I can not be around them," he said.

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