Thursday, 10 November 2016

Demi Lovato couple with Luke Rockhold: The details of her new romance

Scalded by her breakup with Wilmer Valderrama, Demi Lovato takes his time before formalize things with her new lover. The popstar 24 years has found love in the arms of the handsome Luke Rockhold, a martial arts expert, last summer. However, according to information from the site E! News , the interpreter of Confident does not want to go too fast and is not yet ready to invest heart and soul in a new relationship. I must say it has separated there a few months of the new signing of the series Grey's Anatomy , after six years of love .

Demi is dating Luke. It is brand new and just for fun, for now. She loves spending time with him. It just all comes out of a very serious relationship so she does not look necessarily something serious but if things were to change naturally over time, why not. She is ready to try and see what it can give. She thinks Luke is a lovely boy and he makes her laugh. it's the kind a woman who lives from day to day and enjoy the moment , "he told an informant site. The two lovebirds have many missing links, especially their taste for combat sports since they met while training at Unbreakable Performance Center where the singer has recently faced Sylvester Stallone . If they are rather discreet since they met, they recently attended a football game together and even took the laying side by side for photographers US site . According to some witnesses at the scene, their complicity was clear. " There was a real chemistry between them was obvious" , confirmed a site informant. Their proximity is not new since, already in June, a day after her separation from her ex , Demi Lovato had gone to support Luke in a battle of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A peak for the one blamed her ex of lacking honesty .

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